Profile – Crime Scene Cleanup


Death rides a pale horse and these guys ride in a pale van, cleaning up after him

By John Guenther

It’s getting late on Michael Nicholson’s driveway, when Nicholson’s friend and employee Johnny Grant asks if he’d seen the show “1,000 Ways To Die.” Nicholson responds that he doesn’t watch TV. They’re standing next to the Clean Scene Services van which is packed with cleaning equipment and bio-hazard containers.

The two are on call 24/7 and their job is to clean and disinfect the things other people aren’t willing to, from mold to the aftereffects of a shotgun suicide.

When asked what it’s like waiting for death night and day, Nicholson said he’s more concerned with assisting the families left behind.

“Pretty much it’s not that we’re waiting for it to happen. It’s happening all the time,” said Nicholson. “It’s just whether or not we’ll be there to be able to help them.”

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